Unication NP88

The Unication NP88 has a very readable display screen which shows the time and date. In low-light conditions, the backlight makes the screen easy to read. It has a personal alarm, 5 different alerts along with the vibrating, silent and chirp features.



The NP-88 offers accessibility to stay on top of hectic daily lifestyle. Perfect for basic wireless communication and user-friendly operation. You can set the pager to generate an audible or a vibration alert, no matter under noisy or quiet environment when you are expecting an important page. NP-88 is compact, light-weight, inexpensive and the best choice whey you need reliable paging with broad coverage.


In low-light conditions, the backlight makes the screen easy to read.
Stand-by screen:
The stand-by screen displays the time of day/ date or no display.
Time of Day and Day/ Month:
The time of day and the date are displayed, whether the pager is on or off.

Indicator/ Alert

Low Battery Indicator:
When the battery power reaches low level, low cell is displayed, prompting you to change battery. All pagers alerts change to two seconds in length.
Automatic Alert Reset:
The pager alerts automatically stop, even if no buttons are pressed.
Personal Alarm:
This alarm can be set to alert you. The alarm works even when the pager is off.
Reminder Alert:
The pager chirps or vibrates every two minutes until you read all unread messages.
User Selectable Audible alerts:
A selection of five alert tones gives you a choice of message alerts when you are paged in the audible alert mode D.


Duplicate Messages:
If the same message is received more than once, duplicate sign is displayed at the beginning of the latest message. This message contains the latest timestamp and prevents a repeated message from taking an extra memory slot.
Message Erase:
Messages can be erased all at once or selectively at your choice to free space in the memory.
Memory Retention:
All messages remain in memory, even when the pager is off or while the battery is being replaced.
Memory Capacity:
The NP-88 FLEX pager can store up to sixteen 20-character messages, for a total of 320 characters.
Message Protect:
You can protect up to eight messages stored in the pager memory.
Overflow is displayed when more unread messages are received than the available message memory can hold. After you read all of your unread messages, the standby screen is displayed.
The time and the date of a message received are displayed on the screen after each message.



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