CS-160 Call Button System

This Starter Pack with 10 CS-01 Call Points, CS-200D Display screen, 2 CS-200F Watch Pagers and 1 CS-160F Repeater.

Customer Call Point System can help you manage social distancing by reducing choke points and preventing customers from having to congregate at the service area, such as a bar, till or a reception. By utilizing this system you can provide your customers and staff comfort in the knowledge that table service is just a button push away and there is no need for any unnecessary proximity or interaction.


When your customers are seated and issued menus, they can be given a call point for their table. A call point system can also be fixed to a specific table or a spot, if required. When a call point system is used via pressing a button, your staff is discretely notified, making it quick and easy to request service, such as an order, a top-up or the bill.

The Supervisor Control Screen makes is possible to manage and monitor server staff to ensure the best service for your customers.

By implementing a Customer Call Point System you can increase your cover turnaround time, maximise return and ensure customer satisfaction, while making the experience of visiting your establishment safer in these uncertain times.

Each Starter Customer Call Point system comes with:

– Ten Call Points (can be increased to 999)
– One Supervisor Screen to monitor and manage your staff (more Supervisor Screens can be integrated, if necessary)
– One Server Call Watch, which silently vibrates and displays the calling Call Point number (an option to increase the Server Call Watch units is available)
– One system-wide repeater that is installed to ensure that you have a full call coverage through your premises

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