Hi there,

I’m Mick McGuirk, CEO of Radio & Security Products Ltd. or RSP as we are known by many of you.

For the last 20 years we have been supplying two-way radio systems to customers such as OPW, Ryanair, Dunnes Stores, and many more.

This year we have added a new product solution to our portfolio, the TG200 Tour guide audio system.

Right now it looks like social distancing is here with us for the foreseeable future, so the Tour Guide audio system can help you to restart guided tours safely by ensuring that your clients are able to distance comfortably and still enjoy your tour with crystal clear digital audio.

The starter pack system comes in a neat easily portable case. Inside are 12 very small digital audio receivers attached to a lanyard and one Tour Guide transmitter with a microphone.

All you have to do is give each member of the tour a receiver to hang around their neck, and a single use disposable earpiece. Your transmitter will work up to 100 m, giving your clients plenty of room to spread out and enjoy your tour.
Inside the carry case is a charger rack – simply slot the receivers into recharge to start the process that takes approximately 3 hours. The batteries will last the full day.

You can have multiple tours going at the one time, as the system supports up to 80 Digital channels. You can change the channels individually on each receiver or all at once, while in the charging rack, using the sync unit supplied. To do that, insert the sync unit into one of the charging slots and all receivers will automatically switch to the channel chosen on the sync unit.

The receiver units are very easy to clean after each tour with an alcohol wipe. Earpieces clients may keep or dispose safely in WEEE bin.

Get in touch, if you would like a quote or demonstration.

Thank You!